The Antikythera Mechanism

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To Michael

Michael T. Wright, that I'm honoured to count within my friends, is an exceptional scientist, who has devoted part of his life to deciphering and re-building an exceptional instrument : the Antikythera mechanism ( Ist century BC).

Little known by non-specialists until the '90s, the device is nowadays often mentioned in radio and TV programs, or in the newspapers  (Wikipedia).

Too many people, however, argue and present their "findings" without referring to the long and minute work of Michael and to the many papers relating it.
An attitude even less acceptable when it comes from professional teams that dare to underrate the work of a single man.

I find it so shameful, that I need to go beyond the Author's will and publish some of his achievements.

Hopefully, in the future we'll have a full account of his deductions.
Till then, all those interested in the history of ancient science can have a glance at the quality of his results in these Web pages.

Documents :     all the Documents are here.



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